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The correct way to wear masks and how to handle them.

1. Before wearing a mask, wash your hands. Because there are more bacteria on your hands, you must first keep your hands clean. Then pick up the mask and try not to touch the inside of the mask. Generally speaking, the white faces inward and the colored faces outward.

2. Then the part of the metal strip is facing upwards, then fold the mask in half and pull it up and down in an arc shape, pinch the metal strip to fix it on both sides of the nose, and start wearing it.

3. After putting it on, pull down, wrap your chin, and press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose above the mask with both hands.

4. After putting on the mask, it should be slightly away from the nose and mouth, and the air tightness of the chin should be adjusted. The mask can only play the filtering function when it is close to the face.

5. After wearing it successfully, take a few deep breaths. If you feel air leakage everywhere, you should readjust or replace the mask.

6. Matters needing attention: Disposable masks cannot be reused, wash your hands frequently, and touch the masks with your hands less.

7. When dealing with masks, everyone may cut them up and throw them away. In fact, this is not correct. It is not recommended that you cut it up and throw it away or burn it. The most correct way to dispose of it is to put it in a garbage bag for classification.

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