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What is the principle of dust masks?

The protective function of masks is roughly based on the three principles of filtration, adsorption and killing.

1. Adsorption
The electrostatic effect of the mask adsorbs the virus on the outer layer of the mask, such as the so-called electrostatic filter layer. Activated carbon masks mostly adopt the principle of adsorption, which achieves the dust-proof effect through the adsorption of low-concentration toxic and harmful gases and particulates.

2. kill
The material of the mask has a sterilizing function to directly kill the virus. For this type of mask collar and labor insurance network refer to professional medical masks, which are suitable for the protection of air-borne respiratory infections and have a very good blocking effect on dust and haze. The mask plays a two-way isolation of germs and protects patients and medical workers from infection by the other side's germs.

3. Filter

The material and textile method of the mask make the gap of the mask smaller than the diameter of the virus. The cotton gauze mask that filters out the virus is mainly based on this principle and plays a protective role." Therefore, its protective effect is relatively low. The general gauze mask has a resistance The principle of dust is mechanical filtration, that is, when dust hits the gauze, it passes through layers of barriers, blocking some large particles of dust in the sand cloth.

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