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Shanghai International Emergency and Epidemic Prevention Materials Exhibition.


On August 11, 2020, our company participated in the Shanghai International Exhibition of Emergency and Epidemic Prevention Materials. At the beginning of 2020, facing the sudden pneumonia epidemic in novel coronavirus, under the strong leadership and deployment command of the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, the whole country made concerted efforts to quickly form a joint force and launched an air-raid to win the epidemic.

The epidemic situation in China has eased, but the epidemic situation in foreign countries has spread continuously, especially in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. As a big producer of epidemic prevention materials, China is facing the urgent problem to be solved in all countries. 

In order to respond to the national call and alleviate the epidemic situation abroad, our domestic company participated in the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention Materials Exhibition to show our products, newly developed masks and styles to friends at home and abroad, so as to solve the urgent need of the epidemic situation. This is a modest contribution as a member of China's small and micro enterprises, and also an obligation as a Chinese citizen.

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