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The ways to treat waste mask

1、 In hospitals and other medical and health service places, masks used by medical workers, patients and their families should be treated in strict accordance with the standards of infectious medical waste. Discard the mask into a specially set container for discarded masks. After discarding the mask, simply disinfect the hands with 75% alcohol in time and thoroughly disinfect them according to the hand washing method recommended by who.

2.For high-risk places close contact with New Coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases or suspected cases of waste masks, no professional medical waste treatment institutions recovery processing, discarded before using a disinfectant containing effective chlorine 1000~2000 mg/L to soak 20~30min disinfection, then thrown into the harmful trash bin, waiting for centralized recycling. After discarding the mask, use 75% alcohol for simple hand disinfection in time, and thoroughly disinfect according to the hand washing method recommended by who.

3、 Masks used by ordinary healthy people can be put into special garbage cans for discarded masks set up in communities and other public places to encourage people to simply disinfect discarded masks (such as spraying 75% alcohol, disinfectant, etc.), and disinfect and clean their hands in time after discarding masks.