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How to make a protective mask

In order to prevent the spread of the plague, in addition to wearing masks, we also need to wear face masks to prevent droplets from adhering to our skin. But nowadays, there is a hard-to-find mask on the market. How to use the material in our hands to make a mask to prevent infection Well, there are the following methods. With our hands, we can make some masks by ourselves to play a protective role.
The first method is to clean the used oil can, and then subtract the bottom and cover it directly on the head, so that a simple mask is made, and the lid on the top of the head is opened, which can also facilitate ventilation.
Second, if your oil can is not that big, then cut out a mouth diagonally on the top so that the face can be put in. This method can correspond to some not so big oil cans, or you can cut the oil can into Two pieces, and then tape it to the brim of the hat. In this way, one oil can can make two masks.
The third method, invented by nurses, is to cut it out with a disposable file folder and fix it to the top of the head with a rubber band. This way, a simple mask can play a protective function.
The fourth method is to use. We usually use the sunscreen mask because it is relatively short, so we lengthen the fabric on the hem a little bit, so that it can also play a protective role.
The fifth method is to sew a device similar to a hat with cloth, and then insert a transparent plastic plate in front of you, which can also function as a mask.
The sixth method finds some transparent PVC or a transparent device on the outside of the package, and then puts a circle of rubber strips on it, so that it can be fixed to the head, and it can also be made into a transparent mask.

The seventh method is to use a paper box to make one that can be worn on the head, and then install a transparent document bag film on the face, so that a simple mask is made. These masks can effectively prevent droplets and play an effective role in protecting our health during the epidemic prevention process.

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