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Classification of FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE

Classification of FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE
Protective respirators are more common in daily life. Daily protective respirators are used for the mask body. The wearer of the filter material is used to overcome the resistance of the filter material to the airflow by respiration, so it is also called self-absorption filtration. Style respirator. During the breathing process, the low air pressure inside the mask will cause the airflow to enter the mask. When exhaling, since the air pressure inside the mask is much higher than the ambient air pressure, the airflow can be discharged through the mask.
When the filter material used in the mask meets the relevant standards, the mask can not fit the user's face enough at this time, so that most of the airflow will be filtered out through the filter material, but the daily use of protective materials It cannot fit the human face completely, because it has a direct impact on the smoothness of the human facial skin and whether there is hair on the face under the mask. However, most of the particulate matter inhaled by wearing daily FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE comes from leakage, so whether the daily protective mask fits is the key issue to ensure that the filter material can play an important role. In order to reduce the leakage of the protective mask, a three-dimensional structure is adopted in the design, and pressure is applied by the headwear and wallet, so that the mask can be closely attached to the face.
Daily FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE can be divided into two types: dust masks and gas masks. The main function of dust masks is to prevent harmful dust aerosols from entering the human respiratory tract. Most dust masks are cup-shaped. It can be effectively attached to the mouth and nose of the human body to achieve the effect of dust prevention. It is used to block dust or exhaust gas in the air, but cannot remove germs in the air. Anti-virus masks prevent the respiratory organs from being exposed to microorganisms or It is a kind of protective equipment for radioactive dust damage.
The FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE often used in hospitals are medical FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE, which are composed of a mask face and a tension band. The mask part is divided into three layers, namely the inside, the inside and the outside. The inner layer is made of non-woven fabric or ordinary sanitary gauze, while the middle layer is made of ultra-fine polypropylene fiber material layer, and the outer layer is made of non-woven fabric. This kind of protective mask has strong air permeability, Some powerful aerosols or dust with microviruses have a more obvious filtering effect.
FFP3 Protective Mask EN149 with CE
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