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The Correct Way to Use Protective Face Mask FFP2 Mask Earloop Type

The correct way to use Protective Face Mask FFP2 Mask Earloop Type
The design of the mask does not ensure that it is suitable for anyone's face. If the mask/mask worn cannot ensure a close fit with the face, dust may enter the mask/mask at the leak, causing respiratory protection to fail.
1. Before entering the work area: check whether the mask or the parts of the mask are intact, wear the mask or the mask accurately, and check the tightness of the wearing.
2. Within the scope of work: It is necessary to wear accurately and pay attention to the changes in the smell of the breathing zone from beginning to end.
3. Leaving the working area: After reaching the safe area, remove the mask or mask.
4. Wearing tightness inspection
Dust mask: Hold the mask with both hands to breathe. If you feel air leaking from the nose clip, adjust the nose clip again. If you feel air leaking from both sides of the mask, adjust the headband further to the back of the head.
5. Replaceable dust mask: first cover the air inlet of the filter box or filter cotton with the palm of your hand, and inhale slowly. If you feel that the mask slightly collapses inward, it indicates that there is a corresponding negative pressure in the mask and no external air leaks. enter.
6. Good fit: cover the exhalation valve with your hand and breathe slowly. If you feel that the mask is slightly bulging, but there is no air leakage, it indicates a good fit.
7. Replace the dust mask/filter cotton in time
8. The designed service life of the dust mask is 1 work shift, and it should be replaced when it is dirty, damaged, or when the resistance is significantly increased.
9. The filter cotton of the replaceable dust-proof mask can be replaced when you feel that the inhalation resistance has increased significantly.Protective Face Mask FFP2 Mask Earloop Type
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