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The role of medical protective masks

With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world, various protective equipment has played a vital role. From medical masks to medical protective clothing to protective masks, it seems that all-round blocking the virus has become an arduous task for most people. Today Let me introduce the role of medical protective masks.
Medical protective mask is a professional-grade mask licensed by national medical standards. It has the following core functions:
1. Anti-foaming and splashing
In this epidemic, droplet transmission can be said to be the most important way of transmission. Droplets can parasitize the virus and transmit it directly from person to person. It also leads to a high degree of spread of the epidemic. Medical protective masks can effectively block the virus. Droplets, let the virus disappear automatically without finding its host.
2. Anti-fog and high temperature resistance
Fogging in medical treatment often affects use and work. The protective mask can avoid fogging, and it is resistant to high temperatures and can adapt to harsh environments.
3. Double isolation
It may be different from ordinary masks. Medical protective masks have the characteristics of double-layer protection, which can better isolate the virus and also play a stronger protective role.

This is the end of the introduction to the role of medical protective masks. Friends in need can leave a message directly. 

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