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The use and precautions of escape breathing apparatus

This time, I will popularize the use and precautions of escape respirator. Escape respirator is collectively referred to as respirator, gas mask, and is also called fire respirator or smoke mask. It is mainly used to defend against hypoxia environment or poisonous air in the air. Protective equipment for harmful substances entering the human respiratory tract.
The escape respirator is generally used to protect against the related poisonous gas generated by the fire, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen acid and other poisonous gas fumes when a fire occurs. This kind of toxic gas has great toxic and side effects on the operators, and even can cause life-threatening, and in this case, we need to use some related gas masks - escape respirator. This kind of head-mounted protective device, through the relevant canister equipment, comprehensively protects the life safety of the staff, especially the firefighters are very in need of such gas masks, of course, ordinary civilians and children can also use it Yes, of course, according to our different needs, the specifications of the gas masks we need to buy are different, and the prices of gas masks are also very different. Such escape respirator has a limited use time, and can generally provide an escape opportunity within 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
So what do you need to pay attention to when using such a filtered self-rescue respirator?
1. The product is used in the event of fire or toxic gas leakage.
2. The escape respirator is disposable and can only be used once. If it is not for emergency escape, there is no need to open the package. In addition, if it is in the case of severe hypoxia, such an escape respirator cannot be used.

3. Under normal circumstances, when the user uses such an escape respirator, there will be some resistance and temperature, which are all normal situations. The relatively high-quality escape respirator will improve the comfort, and the price will be more expensive. 

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