Company Profile

Jinhua Jinyi welding protection tools Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is located in Jinhua, an important hub city in central Zhejiang Province, with convenient transportation. The company is 150 kilometers away from Ningbo port and 40 kilometers away from Yiwu International Airport. It is 3km away from Jinhua railway station, 1km away from HangJinQu Expressway and 3km away from Jinliwen expressway.

The company in the Foreign Trade Department of Yiwu Trade City, mainly has protective equipment (international dust masks, gas masks, protective glasses, earplugs, earmuffs, welding gloves, helmets, work clothes, seat belts), labor protection shoes, rain boots), welding tools (Welding tongs, welding tools, torches, cutting torches, welding masks, spray guns), transportation facilities (reflective clothing, road cones, brand cards, medical consultation lights, welding lamps, tripods, batons, plastic products, warning tapes) class. 

The product quality is stable and has passed various national testing standards.In addition, in order to better serve domestic customers, the company also has a direct sales department in Shandong.


The company has advanced production equipment and high-quality management talents, and adopts a fully enclosed management model, which is scientifically standardized and strict. Since it was put into production, it has not only met the needs of domestic customers, but the products have also been exported to the European Union, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Asia and other countries and regions.The company has been favored by customers because of its excellent quality, novel styles, favorable prices and good reputation.


There will be times when long winds and waves break through the clouds and sail straight to the sea. In the passionate 21st century, Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protective Tools Co., Ltd., a protective equipment company that carries the task of creating Chinese national brands, is sailing towards a bright future with all its strength.

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