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What is the material of the protective mask

The protective mask is an industrial protective mask used for industrial protection of the eyes and face from dust, chemicals, heat, poisonous gas, debris and other harmful substances. It is equipped with toothed knobs on the left and right sides of the elastic head clamp. A large arc-shaped thin-curved transparent cover is installed on the toothed knob. The large arc-shaped thin-curved transparent cover can be rotated on the face or the top of the head on the elastic head clamp with the toothed knob. It can be used in conjunction with gas masks, dust masks, and work caps to achieve comprehensive protection.
So, what is the material of the protective mask?
The first classification of protective masks is a mask that can help us prevent some chemical solutions from falling into the eyes of the staff, and this kind of mask can also prevent some groups of dust from entering the eyes or damaging the face. . The raw materials used in the processing of this mask are made from some lightweight transparent plastic products and some polycarbonate products. The two sides and lower end of the mask will have an extended development trend, so that the product can fully cover the face, and the protective effect of the mask can be better enhanced.
The second type of mask is a heat-proof mask. Such a mask is usually made of a single-layer metal mesh when it is processed, but there are also products made of a double-layer metal mesh. The product can allow users to resist radiation and heat dissipation problems in the working environment. For example, if nickel plating technology is used, this can make the product have a better reflection effect and heat protection effect during use, and It can also prevent the occurrence of product rust problems.

The third type of protective mask is a metal mesh mask. The role of such a mask is to help us prevent some Weibo radiation problems. The mask used by electric welders is also unique. It uses some hard fibers with good thickness during processing, and is light in weight and has very good electrical insulation properties.

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